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Trust & Liberation Report: Trust could be the key to ending slavery

On 26 April 2022, Arise, Dr. Bob Spires and Dr. Monti Datta published a pivotal research report: Trust and Liberation.

Are we making a difference? How do we know? These two questions rightly preoccupy those working in development and human rights. Much hinges on how we understand ‘impact’.

Trust and Liberation is a quantitative analysis of the relationship between trust and the prevalence of human trafficking across the globe. As the first of its kind, the report finds trust levels to be a reliable predictor of human trafficking and the cross-national variation of slavery. The study is part of an exciting new research agenda, seeking to broaden our understanding of impact and prevent exploitation.

Download the full report:

FINAL_ Trust & Liberation Report
Download • 13.03MB

Download the Executive Summary:

Trust & Liberation Executive Summary
Download • 1.18MB

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