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Slavery and human trafficking today

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What is modern slavery?

Slavery did not end in the 19th century. Today,

there are more slaves in the world than ever before.  

Slavery data

Slavery is a hidden and complex crime, making it difficult to estimate. However, we do have some research on global prevalence that is useful for understanding its scale.

  • Respect for human dignity
    Slavery is more than a crime. It is an offence against human dignity. Every case of exploitation represents a failure of someone to respect the inherent dignity of another. Yet we live in a world where human beings are bought, sold and forced into exploitation in their tens of millions. Above all Arise is committed to promoting and protecting human dignity, from which all rights and freedoms flow. This is our foundational value, enshrined in our policies and constitution. We enact it by treating each other and those around us the way we would like to be treated.
  • Humility
    Individuals and organisations rooted in communities are best placed to provide meaningful support to those suffering, as well as to identify and address the systemic causes that put people from their communities at risk. Arise respects their expertise and right to self-determination. With humility we listen, learn, evaluate and adapt, serving as a catalyst for true and sustainable change.
  • Trust
    Good relationships are the essential antidote to bad relationships, of which slavery is the most extreme expression. Where we can build strong and trusting relationships, we prevail over the lures of traffickers and exploiters. This correlation is evidenced in the Trust & Liberation report. Arise believes that frontline groups, embedded and trusted by their communities, are the key to ending slavery. We build trust in all we do, through honesty, openness, inclusion and transparency.

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Survivor stories
Survivor stories

Arise provides a platform for those who have passed through the pain of exploitation to tell their stories. This can help people to empathise with the severity of the situation for so many, and the urgency of abolition. 

Kenya at night .jpg
Delhi forced labour slavery survivor story
Sexual exploitation in London survivor story
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