Our approach

Abolition is a daunting task.


But frontline organisations are making a real impact where it is most needed, enabling exploited people to move towards liberation, and creating the conditions for stronger laws to be implemented. Arise believes that slavery cannot be abolished unless people of good will across all sectors come together.

Many of these frontline groups are formed into networks - structures which are increasingly seen as integral to abolition. But their institutions often lack the skills and resources to make the most of their potential and to be self­-sustaining.


These frontline networks are a hugely powerful, but marginalised and underdeveloped, resource.

Arise was established in 2015 to achieve abolition by developing and supporting these networks. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do, finding and developing dynamic alliances with networks of frontline abolitionists, catalysing and developing their work.

We do this by giving financial support or helping to deliver essential help on the ground. We also offer advice, administrative or capacity building support to build their power. 

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Email: info@arisefdn.org

Arise is a registered nonprofit in the United Kingdom (1165248) and in the United States

(EIN 81-1111051)

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