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Our approach



A world without slavery and human trafficking, in which the dignity of every person is respected.



To build the strength, sustainability and direct impact of frontline groups working to prevent slavery and human trafficking.


Supporting frontline groups 

Our work has four pillars. Most frontline groups we work with benefit from more than one of them.


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Arise facilitates joint anti-trafficking projects with frontline groups in high-risk regions. All projects are locally led by our partners. The vast majority focus on prevention, and support measures such as school enrolment, skills training, rights and threat awareness, the rehabilitation of survivors, and increasing access to state services and entitlements, like work cards or pensions. All projects are designed to bolster long term community resilience to human trafficking.


Our accompaniment, which values mentoring and programmatic training for partners, increases the ability of frontline groups to meet the needs of their local communities. Developing network and organizational capacity cannot be achieved sustainably without longer-term accompaniment. Arise provides strategic advice, mentoring and training. We aspire to act as a patient catalyst to our network, through what we term accompaniment. Accompaniment requires listening, learning, evaluating, investing, and being willing truly to hear and respond appropriately to the needs and perspectives of those we aspire to support.

Arise also builds and consolidates networks. Arise aims to connect groups together to share intelligence and resources, and coordinate advocacy or awareness-raising efforts. Arise has provided thousands of hours of training to frontline anti-trafficking groups through specific network conferences.


Arise also holds wider anti-trafficking conferences in high-risk nations. These allow frontline groups to benefit from partnerships with relevant government or judicial bodies, civil society organisations, police forces, journalists, embassies, and businesses. 



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The exceptional insight and experience of frontline groups must be heard within the policy and human rights communities. Arise works to amplify their voices and advocate for the change they want to see.

To this end we -

  • implement a frontline focused communications strategy

  • create and facilitate advocacy opportunities for the frontline

  • bring frontline intelligence to business, funding and policy communities


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Research helps us to understand and refine our work. Funders, governments and NGOs often look to academics to help them test their assumptions, build a stronger evidence base, and determine their anti-exploitation strategies. We need to know what works, and this knowledge depends upon robust research.

Arise commissions research where it serves our frontline network. For example, frontline groups are often expected to produce in-depth reports detailing their impact for funders, which can require resources and expertise that they do not necessarily have. Our recent focus has been to develop a new research agenda around the character and impact of frontline groups.

Arise works with thought leaders, universities and frontline groups to explore new research pathways.

Explore our research here.

Discover our frontline programmes:

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