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Our approach


CHALLENGE: Today, at around 49 million people, there are more slaves in the world than ever before. Though investment in anti-slavery work has increased, there is little evidence to suggest that slavery is decreasing.


VISION: A world without slavery in which the human dignity of every person is respected.


MISSION: To end slavery and human trafficking in some of the worst affected areas in the world through frontline abolitionists. 

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Prevention in source communities


We must address the root causes of slavery. Otherwise we are limited to dealing with its consequences.

Click here to find out what prevention work entails.




People who have suffered exploitation need more than the basics. Food and shelter are necessary, but a profound quality of care and trust are essential for real change to happen. Because it is difficult to demonstrate, work of this kind is under-funded and under-appreciated.





Individuals and organizations rooted
in communities are best placed to provide meaningful support to those suffering, as well as to identify and address the systemic causes that put people from their communities at risk. Local ownership improves community participation and project sustainability.


Frontline groups and their networks hold the key


Arise was established in 2015 to develop and support frontline groups and their networks against slavery. We create alliances with local organizations and networks which reflect our strategy and values.

Frontline groups

Frontline groups are making a real impact where it is needed most.


These groups are embedded in and trusted by their communities, but they are often marginalized and critically under-resourced.

Click here for our definition of "frontline" groups.



No organization has the reach, scope, global footprint or resources to defeat slavery alone.

Alliances and anti-slavery networks are integral to slavery prevention and sustaining local resilience.

Learn more about the importance of networks.


Arise supports frontline groups

Arise develops networks


Supporting frontline groups 

Our work has four pillars.

Most frontline groups benefit from more than one of them.


Accompanied grants:

Frontline groups and their networks often lack the resources necessary to reach their potential. Arise combines
strategic grant giving with accompaniment through mentoring
and programmatic training. Our investment increases the ability of frontline groups and networks to meet the needs of their local communities.

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Capacity building:

Frontline groups and their networks
often lack capacity to demonstrate and maximize their impact. Arise works closely with them, providing capacity building and strategic support. This improves their ability
to meet the needs of their communities, and increases the effectiveness of their interventions sustainably.

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Frontline organizations often lack a strong evidence base to

demonstrate their impact.

Arise works to address this with thought leaders and universities.

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The exceptional insight and experience of frontline organizations must be heard within the policy and human rights communities. Arise works to amplify their frontline voices and advocate for the change they want to see.

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Developing  networks

Our work has four pillars.

Most frontline networks benefit from more than one of them.


Promoting collaboration:

Networks often suffer from limited collaboration in their activities. Arise works with networks and their leaders to help promote collaborative efforts.

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Accompanied grants:

Network activities often lack resources. Arise combines mentoring, training and the promotion of collaboration with accompanied grants, to enable network development and ensure its efficacy.

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Providing training: 

Networks often have limited access to training for their members. Arise works through networks to help them provide their members with training
on a range of areas from project planning and fundraising to direct interventions.

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Network leadership and key actors often suffer from a lack of mentorship for both themselves and their networks. Arise invests in leaders, walking alongside them, providing mentoring and accompaniment as they grow their skills and networks.

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Supporting frontline groups
Developing networks
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