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Talk the Walk kicks off with London Workshop

Fundraising is hard. It has become a bureaucratic, long and expensive process. Too often those on the frontlines do not have the time or resources to devote to learning the western fundraising language. This means that they are not getting the support that their crucial work deserves.

Arise believes that those on the frontlines are capable of sustainably funding their own work. It is a matter of training them in the language of fundraising, and supporting them as they grow their institutional structures.

Talk the Walk is a three-year project designed to do just that. Bringing together nominated representatives of networks from Europe, the UK, the Philippines and India, it is a bespoke training course focused on operational capacity and fundraising training.

The project kicked off in November 2018 with a training for our 11 Talk the Walk Scholars. Held in London, the training brought all the network teams together for an intensive training course facilitated by Forward Motion Strategies.

Each team left the training with the beginnings of their operational plans, fundraising plans as well as having started at least one project proposal. Over the next two years they will get in-depth support from Arise to build on these.

It is hoped that through this support, each network will be able to kickstart their fundraising and build a sustainable funding model for their work.

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