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PHOTO ESSAY: Job creation in Jharkhand

Human trafficking thrives in impoverished circumstances. The development of economic security is crucial to eradicating trafficking, and has been the central focus of Arise efforts in Jharkhand. There has been highly successful engagement with the local leadership - and the project has been able to establish itself in a number of new villages.

Please enjoy Sister Arpan Carvalho's photos from frontline village projects:

Below: New beginnings and growth for citizens in Jharkhand.

Below: Good yields on display as a woman re-arranges her fruit produce.

Below: Women work together, and measure grain for trade.

Below: Two young children sit with their mother at her maize stall.

Below: A women smiling behind her small grocery shop.

Below: Could you guess what this is? Have you ever been inside a silkworm plant?

Below: A family bring firewood into the village for local businesses. You can see a community meeting occurring in the background.

Below: Women surround a tractor. The machinery symbolises significant steps made: hundreds of jobs opened and agricultural training offered to migrants. The Women in Agriculture Initiative has prompted a surge of sustainable jobs. The women now rent the tractor to other villages.

Below: A man makes “leaf plates” (patravali) to sell.

Below: A woman displays dried maize - no artificial colourings involved!

Below: Farmers collect and sell bamboo. This is good for income generation, and keeping the bamboo in check. It can easily become invasive.

Below: Lentil farmers stand in front of their produce. The agricultural industry has offered them local, safe and fairly-paid work.

Below: Women attend a self-help group session sponsored by Arise, with the ultimate end of protection against human trafficking.

Photographs by Sr Arpan, Arise India Coordinator. For reproduction enquiries:

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Sr Theresa Ani CM
Sr Theresa Ani CM
Mar 27, 2022

Sister Arpan, nothing can be better that uplifting human life and dignity. They are not only sustained, they are given back their dignity. These are very concrete responses to the social teachings of the Church. Well done Sister.

However far the stream flows, it never forgets its source (Nigerian proverb). I am sure that these people will always remember, the minds that thought of them and the hands that lifted them up - Arise Foundation.

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