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Arise, UISG and Hilton launch Sisters Anti-Trafficking Awards

The SATAs is the annual celebration of three sisters, as representatives of their congregations and networks, who have demonstrated exceptional courage, creativity, collaboration and achievement in the protection of their communities from human trafficking.

The inaugural SATAs will be held in London on the 31st of October 2023, where the three laureates will be announced. Each laureate will be awarded £20,000 to dedicate to a project of their choosing.

Every day, tens of thousands of sisters worldwide are dedicating their lives to protecting their communities from exploitation. Embedded in the communities they serve, and providing a profound quality of care, sisters provide sustainable and meaningful support to those suffering. They are well-placed to identify and address the systemic causes that put people from their communities at risk.

Arise is proud to support hundreds of sisters each year, in their anti-trafficking work.

The SATAs is an opportunity:

  • To make the phenomenal work of Catholic sisters on the frontlines against trafficking known;

  • To share knowledge and foster anti-trafficking efforts between congregations;

  • To broaden and deepen the protection of communities vulnerable to trafficking worldwide

Nominations closed on the 12th of June, with over 100 nominations submitted by sisters and anti-trafficking advocates from across the world.

The three awards are:

  • The Common Good Award - Despite adverse conditions and sometimes scarce resources, sisters’ resourcefulness and dedication are leading to effective and sustainable work against trafficking across the world. This award winner will have demonstrated creativity and courage in their anti-trafficking interventions.

  • The Servant Leadership Award - Embedded in their communities, sisters are often uniquely placed to lead through service and develop long-term anti-trafficking systems and networks. This award winner will have contributed to the growth of such networks, and have facilitated collaboration across cultures and religions.

  • The Human Dignity Award - The effectiveness of sisters’ anti-trafficking work is often due to their familiarity with local customs and vulnerabilities, and the trust they have from local communities. This award winner will have a proven record of effective anti-slavery work over a period of fifteen or more years.

To find out more, visit keep up to date with the SATAs, follow the @SistersAwards on Twitter.

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15 maj 2023

I would like to send some photos of Sr. Seli Thomas SMI whom I nominated for the Award.

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