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How to write to your MP or political representative

An email or letter to your political representative can be an effective tool for change. Whether you are writing individually or with a letter-writing campaign, the following guidelines will help you know how to write an effective advocacy letter to an MP.

1) Find your MP and their contact details using your ZIP or postal code:

Every country has their own online search function. A few are listed below.

2) Style:

  • An original letter/ email can be more effective than a form one, so try to personalise and include your own relevant experiences.

  • Two to three specific points about your issue to explain your position.

  • Concise is most effective (one to two pages is best). If you have more information, include a brief on the topic or any other informational materials.

3) Content:

  1. State purpose/objective at the beginning and briefly introduce concerns.

  2. Describe your interest in the issue and any relevant credentials.

  3. Include questions that provoke a response.

  4. Ask for more information or clarification on your MP’s position.

  5. Request a commitment to a specific action, and give a rationale for your request.

  6. Thank the MP for any positive action they have taken in the past on this issue.

  7. Request that the MP respond to your letter.

4) Hit send or head to the post box!

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