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Arise's Response to COVID

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, Arise mobilised quickly in order to support our network regions with humanitarian relief. This was followed up with community support measures during our 'transitional phase', to aid economic recovery and build up community resilience. We provided further emergency relief during the vicious Indian second wave, and are providing longer-term sustainability and bridging grants to support the continued operations of our partners. It is quite possibly the biggest undertaking in Arise's history so far, and it hasn't finished.

The following report, which can be downloaded or read via the below gallery, compiles the overall impacts of our response to the pandemic.

The key statistics include:

  • 97,497 lives directly affected

  • 69,619 people given emergency assistance during lockdowns

  • 27,878 people helped via long-term programs (still ongoing) to build resilience to trafficking*

  • 51 frontline institutions supported

*Figure based on completed projects and predicted outcomes of ongoing ones.

Arise COVID-19 Response Report
Download PDF • 4.18MB

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