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Albania: URAT Summary Report 2022-2023

URAT, the United Response Against Trafficking, is the organised network of Albanian anti-trafficking organisations and support shelters. Arise's Albania office holds the secretariat for the network, which has summarised recent action in the report below.

Arise Albania Coordinator, Anxhela Bruci, sumamrised the work of the network:

'Arise provides the secretariat and implements the annual activities of the United Response Against Trafficking (URAT) Network in Albania – an exhaustive network of all anti-trafficking organisations and shelters existing in Albania. URAT conducts mass awareness campaigns and coordinated anti-trafficking activities in Albania. Mobilising the state’s role in rescue, rehabilitation and retribution for trafficking survivors, URAT has an essential role in direct service provision'

Read about the URAT collective action below:

URAT Summary 2022-23
Download • 9.20MB

Recent Photos:

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