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Press Release: 13 January 2020


John Studzinski CBE, Arise co-founder and former chair of the Board of Trustees has become Founding President of Arise, and will head up an anti-slavery Global Advisory Board of members from the international business and policy communities. Beatrix (Trixie) Brenninkmeijer is named the new chair of Arise’s Board of Trustees.

As a well known figure in the movement, Trixie’s chairmanship will help Arise to amplify the voices of those who struggle to be heard in the human rights community - especially religious sisters, whose work she knows well and profoundly respects. Arise welcomes her to the position of Chair with gratitude and confidence in what we are set to achieve with her leadership.

We are immensely grateful to John for the incredible advances he has made for the anti-slavery movement, and look forward to this exciting new chapter in our partnership.

Luke de Pulford, Director of Arise said: Arise wouldn’t exist without John’s energy, creativity and optimism. Both our core staff and the tens of thousands of people we serve on the frontline owe him a profound debt of gratitude. We are delighted that as Founding President, John will now be amplifying the Arise message further through his Global Advisory Board. Trixie’s experience and sheer love for frontline organisations will bring invaluable perspective to Arise’s work. As COVID renders so many more people vulnerable to exploitation, Arise is privileged to have such a strong governance team to help us face these severe challenges.

Arise Founding President, John Studzinski CBE said: Five years into its existence, and with considerable achievements under its belt, Arise is entering a new phase in its development. I am delighted to congratulate Trixie on her new role and to welcome the members of the Global Advisory Board. The diverse and complementary experience that they bring will strengthen Arise further as it continues to combat modern slavery and human trafficking and to widen its sphere of influence. I look very much forward to working with them in my capacity as Founding President.

New Chair of Trustees, Trixie Brenninkmeijer said: John has left some impressive shoes to fill and I hope, together with the amazing staff at Arise and our strong Board of Trustees, that I will be able to contribute to Arise’s growth and reach. I'm confident that the new Global Advisory Board, under John's leadership, will help to spread our mission and support to even more constituencies in the field.


John Studzinski CBE - Arise Founding President

John is an American-born British investment banker and philanthropist and the Vice Chairman of PIMCO. His philanthropy extends to modern slavery, human rights, homelessness and the arts. John’s UK charity, the Genesis Foundation, has 20 years of sustained impact in nurturing and mentoring artists.

A leader in the philanthropy world for over 35 years, John co-founded Arise in 2015 to tackle the global issue of modern slavery and human trafficking. His admiration for and devotion to those at the frontline of the human trafficking crisis continue to shape and inspire Arise’s prevention work.

FADICA honours Arise Founder John Studzinski CBE
Arise Founder John Studzinski receives FADICA St Katharine Drexel Award in Catholic Philanthropy, February 2020.

Trixie Brenninkmeijer - Arise Chair

Trixie joined the Arise Board of Trustees in May 2019, bringing long and proven experience in the anti-slavery movement. She has spent many years working to confront human trafficking and exploitation, at both the grassroots and international level.

Trixie’s profound commitment to women who have suffered sexual exploitation led her to join the board of the Helen Bamber Foundation. Trixie trained for three years as a psychosynthesis counsellor and worked at a women’s centre from 2010 to 2012. For the past five years she has supported the Changemakers Programme of the Thomson Reuters Trust Conference, a leading annual human rights conference with a focus on modern slavery.

Trixie has personal philanthropic experience in the fields of human rights and development, including support for the groups within Arise’s network. She is Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees at the Woolf Institute - the leading centre for the study of Jewish, Christian and Muslim relations. Trixie is a mother to 7 and a grandmother to 17.

Arise Chair Trixie Brenninkmeijer visits Arise's anti-slavery network in Jharkhand, India, 2018.

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