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ITV News covers online child sexual exploitation in the Philippines with Arise

'I found out that parents were putting their own children on the web to be abused by paedophiles from abroad, and the majority of ‘clients’ were coming from the UK, US, Australia and western Europe' - Lucy Watson, ITV News Correspondent

The trade in children’s lives for online child sexual exploitation (OSEC) in the Philippines is driven largely by richer states. We all have a responsibility to end it.

We are grateful to ITV News Correspondent Lucy Watson and Anchor Julie Etchingham for shining a light on “Cassie’s” story. It was a pleasure to work with them on this critical piece.

Read the full story published by ITV on 12 October 2021:

Watch the news segment from ITV News at Ten, 12 October 2021:

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Jack Chambers
Jack Chambers
Oct 15, 2021

Glad to see this issue getting the coverage it so needs

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