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India Network: Project Management Training

Our India network recently held training sessions on project management. The sessions aimed to increase the effectiveness and reach of our frontline anti-slavery operations.

Our frontline network model pushes power and resources out to local groups to increase their combined reach and effectiveness. Training is an important pillar in this approach, allowing groups to reach more communities with operations designed to protect them from being victims of human trafficking. In recent weeks, our India network has undertaken capacity-building training on project management. Our India Coordinator, Sr Sherly Thomas, summarised the sessions:

'The sessions were delivered by Dr. Lukose, Professor at the Assam Don Bosco University, Guwahati. The training has been facilitated in multiple regions already, including Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. 82 frontline members have received the training so far.

The workshops have helped sisters to improve their understanding of the different stages of project management, i.e. planning (identification and designing), implementation, monitoring, evaluation, documentation and lesson-learning for the next project.

The topics covered included:

  • Concept of Results-based Management

  • Concept of Projects Cycle Management

  • Project Planning and its importance

  • Project identification (Situational Analysis and Problem Tree Analysis)

  • Designing of project : Objective Tree Analysis

  • Logical Framework Approach:

    • Input-Output-Outcome-Impact

    • Indicators

    • Means and Source of Verification and Assumptions

  • Budgeting

  • Monitoring (Performance Indicators- Input -Output)

  • Evaluation (Effect-Impact)

The sessions have been successful so far, and will continue across the network to improve the effectiveness of preventative operations.'

Above: One of the network training sessions, Oct 2022.

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