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Our Network

Arise’s focus is long-term prevention work in source communities. We believe that frontline organisations and their networks hold the key to preventing slavery.

What do we mean by network?

We use this term to mean all those we are working with - those we support, those we employ, and people who participate in training we undertake. We choose to say "network" as it emphasises collaboration. We do not own the work of those in our network, we exist to support it, and serve the needs of the most marginalised. Our networks often overlap with others' networks, constituting great webs of protection in the fight against slavery.

Above: A visual guide to our India network, showing the distribution of our frontline partners across this country. Find our global network here.

To illustrate this, we can consider our operations in India - where we’ve been active since 2016. Over time, we’ve partnered with more and more frontline groups to run anti-trafficking operations and training, pandemic relief projects, and have facilitated and expanded a collaborative anti-slavery network seeking to build up community resilience to slavery.

There is no uniform prescription across Arise operations, and our work is led by the wisdom and expertise of embedded, local groups. When we coordinate the sharing of knowledge and experience across our network, its collective strength grows. We are excited to advance this collaboration with the development of our MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning) app, which will allow frontline practitioners to record and share the effects and successes of their preventative projects.

Sr Sherly Thomas, our India Coordinator, describes the network she is expanding as an opportunity to:

‘...connect oneself with other like-minded persons, NGOs and agencies. It helps to collect and exchange information, knowledge and the work becomes more effective as a result. We are able to ‘spread our wings’ and expand our services far and wide’

Our Albania Coordinator, Anxhela Bruci, echoed Sr Sherly’s sentiments:

‘For me, a network means the unification of forces across organisations who interact, share resources, and support each other's work, for the purpose of achieving a common mission, or a cause.’

We’re very proud of our network model, and the people who make it successful and effective. If you’d like to help us continue, read about our current campaign in India.

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