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Arise thanks COO Jess Templeman for 5 fantastic years

Arise says a very grateful goodbye to Jess Templeman - our first and only Director of Programmes (come COO) who made our approach and global reach what it is today!

Jess Templeman joined Arise as its second staff member in 2017. Since then, Arise has established offices in 4 countries, expanded our global network to 148 frontline groups, and is providing support to tens of thousands of vulnerable people every year.

We owe a great deal of our impact and growth to Jess - her expansive skillset, exceptional judgement and unparalleled love for and dedication to those in our network. Some highlights of her tenure include our rapid COVID-19 response, through which we reached 97,497 vulnerable people directly, and the partnership with the Nigeria Conference of Women Religious that has already yielded anti-trafficking practitioner training for 64 anti-trafficking sisters. The partnership has also funded 16 prevention projects that are being implemented by the NCWR anti-trafficking network members in 12 states across the country.

For five years, Jess has embodied our values and led on our mission to push power out to frontline groups working to end slavery. She has built strong and fruitful relationships across the sector, and leaves Arise in a stronger position than ever, as we continue towards our vision of a world without slavery in which the dignity of every person is respected.

Thank you, Jess, for all you have given Arise. We will do you proud!

Jess’ successor as Director of Programmes will be Angela Proctor. We look forward to welcoming Angela to Arise next month.

Above: New Director of Programmes, Angela Proctor (centre), with fellow Programmes Team members Monica Moses and Kia Wrigley.

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