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A spotlight on slavery in supply chains

COVID-19 and the state of the global economy are putting pressure on business supply chains. But the current climate has also ignited public interest in where products are coming from and whether people within now-compromised supply chains are being exploited.

Arise Chairman, John Studzinski, highlights one positive implication of the pandemic: that it has brought the issue of supply chain transparency, and therefore modern slavery and human trafficking, into the corporate suite.

Meanwhile, one of Arise's board members, Lord Alton, has secured the first change in primary legislation on this subject since the Modern Slavery Act of 2015.

Where there is a clear benefit for frontline anti-slavery organisations and the people they serve, Arise will continue to advocate for change.

As ever, thank you for standing with us.

To support Arise and our anti-slavery network, rising to the challenges presented by Covid in some of the highest risk communities in the world, donate here

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