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Help us to prevent slavery and human trafficking in the Philippines

While it is essential to continue to support people who have suffered, Arise believes that it is better to prevent people from suffering in the first place.

Here are two types exploitation prevalent in the Philippines. Help us to stop them.




Every year, tens of thousands of children are trafficked for sexual  exploitation in the Philippines. But in the context of rising poverty, school closures and online learning, traffickers are finding new ways of targeting children and online child sexual exploitation has reached harrowing levels.


Led by calls from frontline groups, Arise is responding.


Support this urgent appeal to prevent human trafficking in the Philippines, and protect children from the unthinkable trauma of sexual abuse and exploitation. 

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Child sex trafficking


Traffickers pose as recruitment agents, luring people in with the promise of an opportunity overseas or a job in the city that many victims cannot afford to refuse. With close to 500,000 Overseas Filipino Workers repatriated during COVID-19 and millions of dollars in remittances lost, traffickers are capitalising on growing vulnerability.

Led by calls from frontline groups, Arise is responding.


Support this urgent appeal to prevent human trafficking in the Philippines, and protect domestic workers, shipping crewmen and other high-risk groups from a life of exploitation.

Labour tafficking
Campaign details

Campaign details

During COVID-19, existing vulnerabilities to trafficking have been exacerbated by rising poverty, school closures and the global "move" online. Reports from our frontline network have led us to focus on child sexual exploitation and labor trafficking - what drives them and how networks might address them as part of the broader slavery landscape.

With a newly established office in the Philippines and through our growing anti-trafficking frontline network, Arise is preparing to roll out a major response.





All donations will be allocated to activities that contribute to the prevention of child sex trafficking, labour trafficking and modern slavery in the Philippines by - 

  1. supporting frontline groups in their work against trafficking through accompanied grants, capacity-building, research and advocacy

  2. supporting and strengthening anti-slavery networks through accompanied grants, promoting collaboration, mentoring and training

Learn more about our approach here or email for more information.

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