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Research helps us to understand and refine our work. Funders, governments and NGOs often look to academics to help them test their assumptions, build a stronger evidence base, and determine their anti-exploitation strategies. We need to know what works, and this knowledge depends upon robust research.

Arise commissions research where it serves our frontline network. For example, frontline groups are often expected to produce in-depth reports detailing their impact for funders, which can require resources and expertise that they do not necessarily have. Our recent focus has been to develop a new research agenda around the character and impact of frontline groups.

Arise works with thought leaders, universities and frontline groups to explore new research pathways.



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Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

A report on Polish responses and Ukrainian experiences


2022, post invasion (6 months research)



Authored by:

Kamil Matuszczyk, Kseniya Homel, Kamila Kowalska, Ignacy Jóźwiak, Maciej Tygielski (All University of Warsaw) 

Arise supported research into the Ukraine war refugee exodus to Poland, analysing Polish responses and Ukrainian experiences. This included analysis of risks, evaluation of support services, and the identification of typical refugee characteristics and circumstances.

Read it here:


Ukrainian Refugees in Poland: Identity and Experiences

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