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VIDEO REPORT: Pontes refugee shelter, Poland

The Knights of Columbus have released an insightful video report from a frontline shelter in Poland supporting Ukrainian refugees. The Knights have given generous support to Arise's Ukraine response, which has included assisting frontline group Pontes, the group featured in the report.

Watch the report below:

Arise's response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine centred around refugee protection in border states. Over 8 million people crossed the Polish border, and a year on, around 1.2 million Ukrainian refugees remain in Poland, which has prompted a wide-ranging response from governments and civil society organisations. Those fleeing were predominantly women and children, who were often travelling to unfamiliar environments, facing a language barrier and limited resources. There was a clear need to provide support, and safe pathways, for those fleeing the invasion.

Above: A still image from the report (Knights of Columbus).

Pontes Association, the Polish non-profit organisation partnered with WONDER Foundation, aims to protect refugees from exploitation, and aid families integrating into new settings. This is done with legal support, employment help, educational support, language classes, social events, and considerable psychosocial help.

Arise has been inspired by the frontline response to the invasion and subsequent humanitarian crisis, which wouldn't have been possible without the support of generous partners like the Knights of Columbus. It has been a privilege to work with such dedicated and compassionate groups, serving vulnerable families in extraordinary circumstances. The work in the border nations continues, as Ukrainian refugees continue to rebuild their lives after the invasion.

Above: Another still image from the report, featuring Natalia from Pontes (Knights of Columbus).

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