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Theresa May, Sir Mo Farah, and Adrian Chiles announced as SATAs speakers

Arise, as a co-host of the Sisters Anti-Trafficking Awards (SATAs), is proud to announce that the Awards will feature ex-Prime Minister Theresa May as the keynote speaker, Sir Mo Farah as an award presenter, and Adrian Chiles as the event host.

The SATAs celebrate three sisters, as representatives of their congregations and networks, who have demonstrated exceptional courage, creativity, collaboration and achievement in the protection of their communities from human trafficking.

The ceremony will be held in London in October, co-hosted by Arise, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and the International Union of Superiors General. The Awards aim to raise the profile of the valuable work of sisters, encourage collaboration within the anti-slavery sector, and to ‘deepen the protection of communities vulnerable to trafficking worldwide’.

Keynote Speaker: the Rt. Hon. Theresa May

The keynote speaker, Theresa May, was the Prime Minister from 2016 to 2019, and the architect of the Modern Slavery Act in her prior role as Home Secretary. The Modern Slavery Act was a pioneering legislative attempt to support victims and prevent human trafficking, and has laid foundations for further anti-slavery reform, despite recent challenges.

Since the end of her premiership, Theresa May has campaigned to raise awareness on various issues relating to exploitation and modern slavery. She has supported frontline anti-slavery workers, and is an important defender of domestic victim support systems.

Award Presenter: Sir Mo Farah

The ceremony will also feature Sir Mo Farah as an award presenter. Sir Mo, who is a four-time Olympic gold medallist, revealed last year that he was a victim of trafficking during his childhood. His brave admission included details of his subjection to forced domestic labour and entrapment. He confided this story to his PE teacher after beginning high school, and was referred to social services. He went on become the most successful British track athlete in the modern Olympic era.

Event Host: Adrian Chiles

Adrian Chiles is a nationally-revered writer and television presenter, who has hosted The One Show, ITV Sport, and programmes on BBC Radio 5. He currently writes for the Guardian, and has engaged in numerous philanthropic campaigns. He converted to Catholicism in 2007, and later wrote about his experience of 2015 Lent, during which he attended daily Mass in a different church for 46 days straight. Adrian will host the SATAs ceremony.

Panel Discussion: Anti-Slavery Experts

The SATAs will also feature an anti-slavery panel discussion, on the following topics;

  • The unique nature and importance of local and sister-led anti-trafficking work;

  • The importance of frontline collaboration and anti-slavery networks.

  • The powerful potential of greater inclusion of sisters’ voices at the international human rights and policy tables.

We are proud to have secured a panel of experts, who approach these topics from different avenues.

The panellists include Dame Sara Thornton, the former Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, who was the Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police and Chair of the National Police Chiefs Council prior to her appointment.

Dame Sara will be joined by Ima Matul, a survivor of modern slavery, who now works in outreach and rehabilitation programmes at CAST. She is a well-respected advocate for victims of exploitation, and works to promote survivor-focussed policy reform on slavery issues.

Also on the panel is Sister Jane Wakahiu, a pre-eminent anti-trafficking sister, who helps coordinate and lead the Hilton Foundation's anti-trafficking programmes around the world. She has a close understanding of the impact sisters can make in vulnerable communities.

They will also be joined by the founder and CEO of Ardea International, Colleen Theron, who is a trained solicitor with expertise on ethical supply chains, human rights implementation and business standards. Colleen is extremely well-versed in the structural challenges and opportunities the anti-slavery sector faces.

We are excited by the variety of expertise present on the panel, and very grateful to everyone who has agreed to appear so far.

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