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Arise welcomes former papal spokesperson Greg Burke to the team

The Board of Trustees of Arise is delighted to announce that Greg Burke, the former papal spokesperson, is joining the team at Arise to work in Global Outreach and Communications.

Greg spent seven years in the Vatican, first as Senior Advisor for Communications in the Secretariat of State, and then as papal spokesman. It was during this time at the Vatican that he discovered the work of Arise and the front-line role played by Catholic sisters in the fight against human trafficking in some 80 countries around the world.

Greg will work with Arise alongside his new role as Director of Communications for IESE Business School in Barcelona. “I look forward to helping raise the profile of Arise, and letting people know all the great work being done in this battle against human trafficking,” he said. “I also think there will be some interesting synergies in terms of educating future business leaders. Think about the supply chain, and all the moral implications of that.”

Arise Chairman and co-founder John Studzinski CBE said:

“The global movement against Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking has made material progress over the last five years in terms of awareness, prevention, rescue and survivor support. Arise is helping this powerful movement gain momentum, and Greg Burke’s international experience, reputation and integrity will take our outreach, advocacy, and grassroots impact to the next level. Greg’s passion for the movement, coupled with his impressive media industry track record - whether at Time, Fox, and most recently, for Pope Benedict and Pope Francis – bring energy, experience, and a unique talent to Arise.”

HRH Madawi Al Saud founder of Ibtissam and Arise Board Member said:

“Seeing is believing. Unless people believe the horrific scale and nature of modern slavery, they are powerless to do anything about it. This is why we need people like Greg - senior media professionals who can show the world the reality. Coming from a Muslim background myself, it is also encouraging that Arise has someone who understands the key role faith has to play in the modern anti-slavery movement.”

Luke de Pulford, Director and co-founder of Arise said:

“Greg is a great fit for Arise, and we are all excited that he has decided to join us. Arise isn’t a religious charity, but we appreciate and support faith-based work. After his experience with Pope Francis, Greg has unique perspective on the vast and often unrecognised power of frontline anti-slavery work - especially the work of sisters. Over the next few years Arise has an ambitious program to help release the power of anti-slavery networks. Greg’s clout can help make that happen.”

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