Capacity Building 

Grants and strategic accompaniment are not always the solution. Frontline organisations sometimes benefit from a closer partnership in programmatic activities. In these cases, Arise acts as a delivery partner, enabling frontline organisations to take on larger projects than they might be able to by themselves. This strand of work combines capacity building with funding. The aim is that these organisations will eventually be able to conduct this level of intervention without Arise’s involvement. 



Talk the Walk - Capacity building for anti-slavery frontline


Duration: October 2018 - present

Countries: UK, Europe, Philippines, India 

Capacity building, training and mentorship for frontline network leadership in their work against modern slavery and human trafficking. Learn more about this project:


Talk the Walk kicks off with London Workshop

Closing the gap between funders and local NGOs

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Arise is a registered nonprofit in the United Kingdom (1165248) and in the United States

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