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Strategic investment

Arise combines strategic grant giving with close accompaniment of organizations through mentoring and programmatic training. Our investment increases the ability of frontline groups to meet the needs of their local communities.

Grant giving


Arise knows that frontline groups and their networks need more funding. However, we are also aware that funding alone isn’t enough, and can sometimes create more problems than it solves. 


We are therefore committed to providing medium-sized grants to frontline organizations. We are a friendly funder, who is committed to working with applicants to establish how their projects can best be supported. 



Developing network and organizational capacity cannot be achieved sustainably without longer-term accompaniment.


Arise provides strategic advice, mentoring and training. We aspire to act as a patient catalyst to our network through the practice of what we term accompaniment. 


Accompaniment requires listening, learning, evaluating, investing, and being willing truly to hear and respond appropriately to the needs and perspectives of those we aspire to support.


COVID-19 changed the landscape for anti- slavery work. Traffickers prey on vulnerability, which increased dramatically during the pandemic. 


While the pandemic presented real challenges, it also offered a unique opportunity for innovation and highlighted the value of frontline organizations.


74 500

lives directly affected


49 795

with emergency

assistance during lockdown


24 705

with long terms programs to build resilience to trafficking




 Nurture and empower tea garden women and children for transformation 


16 months

Sep 2019 - Jan 2021


Assam, India

Type of work:

Strategic investment (frontline groups)


575 direct beneficiaries, plus 1032 households given COVID-19 relief support

Reducing child trafficking and other forms of child abuse in tea gardens in Assam through awareness raising, skills training, empowerment and sensitization.

Learn more about this project: 


Arise often conducts its own direct programs. Many of these are focused on building the capacity of frontline groups and networks. Read more about this work here

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