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New Role Announcement: Jessica Templeman and Tove van Lennep

Arise is proud to announce formally the promotion of Jess Templeman to Chief Operating Officer, and Tove van Lennep to Head of Communications and Relationships.

Jess and Tove on a field visit, travelling through Kosovo to Tropojë in northeastern Albania.

Established in 2015, Arise has been building the power of the frontline against slavery for six years and counting. In this time, we have expanded our network to 71 places, extending to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.

Our model makes this possible with remarkably low overheads and a light staff. However, with new offices in Nigeria, the Philippines, and Albania and many new projects to support, we have had to grow our core team.

With Jess at the helm of our programmes since 2018, Arise has matured into a fully fledged organisation, with six global offices, dozens of projects and a sprawling global network of frontline abolitionists. Jess manages this brief with phenomenal commitment, wisdom and care. She is often found in earnest discussion with the frontline workers in our team and network, a dedication to whom informs everything she does. To lead our growing programmes team, she takes on the executive role of Chief Operating Officer.

Our growth would not be possible without our communications and relationships brief, run solely by Tove since its establishment in 2020. In 2021, Tove successfully doubled our comms reach and fundraising revenue from the previous year – a remarkable feat at the best of times (and especially amidst a global pandemic). Tove’s energy, ability and attention to detail shines through all her work. With a rapidly developing brief and growing team, Tove takes on the executive role of Head of Communications and Relationships.

Arise is serving more people than ever before. We owe much of this welcome development to the formidable duo that is Jess and Tove. We're looking forward to seeing them achieve even more for those on the margins in the coming years.

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