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Head of Programmes, Jess Templeman, joins America Media at the online event "Ending Slavery"

Arise joined America Media and the Order of Malta's Mission to the UN on May 19th for the online event "Ending Slavery: The Fight Against Human Trafficking". Panellists included Jess Templeman, Arise Head of Programmes, and Kevin Hyland, former Anti-Slavery Commissioner of the United Kingdom.

View some of the event's highlights from our very own Jess Templeman:

"Arise's firm belief is that while human trafficking is a global problem, it is first and foremost a local problem. The solutions, to be sustainable, should be local"

"We in the West often forget that when we say "every community" we mean every community. You do not have to look far to find problems and links to human trafficking within your daily life"

Full event recording:

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