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Congratulations! Talitha Kum celebrates 10 years

Talitha Kum, the global network of consecrated life against human trafficking marked its 10 year anniversary in Rome at the end of September. With representatives of 43 national networks of women religious, the meeting was a time to both look back at their many achievements and plan the priorities fo the coming decade.

Coordinated by Sr. Gabriella Bottani, a Comboni Missionary Sister, the global network has helped over 15,000 vulnerable people so far, and has grown to encompass over 2,000 women religious working in 77 countries. Over the next ten years they will focus on three new priority areas: to combat the degradation of women, denounce unjust economic models that perpetuate trafficking, and highlight the role of migration policies in increasing trafficking.

Religious life have been on the frontlines of global anti-slavery work for generations; often living within and serving the most vulnerable communities, their impact cannot be underestimated or ignored. As Pope Francis said in his address to the Assembly, “I congratulate you on the important work you are doing amid very complex and tragic situations. Your work brings together the missions of different institutions and demands cooperation between them. You have chosen to be on the front line.” Talitha Kum is doing invaluable work to empower and connect these networks globally, and we look forward to what they will achieve over the coming decade.

Arise is proud to be working alongside them to support this crucial, yet under-estimated, force. Together we can raise the voice of those on the frontline, and bring their deep expertise and authority to the wider anti-slavery movement.

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