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Arise India Network Reporting Training

Arise organised a report-writing training session for our India network on the 2nd September. The session aimed to improve reporting skills across our anti-slavery frontline. Monica Moses, our Programmes Officer, summarised the session.

Organisations in the third sector can be apprehensive about report-writing, as grantees are generally under a degree of pressure to prove that they have utilised funds well, and should be supported in the future. This pressure is amplified for frontline groups, who often do not have access to development sector jargon and resources (Arise has always maintained straightforward reporting structures with this in mind). As our India network has grown, we have received many requests from the frontline for resources to develop reporting skills. This session was a response to these requests, and will enable them to more easily access continued funding - from both Arise and other donors.

The capacity-building session was delivered online, by Jess Templeman, COO of Arise, and Monica Moses, Programmes Officer. In addition to discussing common terms such as ‘outcomes’, ‘indicators’, and ‘outputs’, considerable time was spent explaining the benefits and challenges of various reporting frameworks, along with best practices. The issue of interchangeable donor terminology was also addressed, by breaking down commonalities in what is expected from grantees, which the attendees later said they found specifically useful.

The overall feedback received was largely positive, with many attendees appreciating the ways in which specific terms were explained, and the relevance of report-writing as a tool of communication and learning.

Sr. Sherly, the Arise India Coordinator, who participated in the training, said:

I valued the honesty with which the challenges of reporting were covered and the practical tips provided in the training. These sort of personalised capacity-building sessions are very useful for our network, who struggle to otherwise understand the expectations of donors.”

Arise is grateful for the willingness of our networks to constantly learn and improve their skills while working towards ending trafficking in source communities.

Above: Income-generation scheme in India. Our network met for a reporting skills session, which will enable our frontline to better report on their invaluable anti-slavery projects, like the one pictured.

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