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30 July: Albania UN Gift Box Campaign

To raise awareness against human trafficking, the URAT (United Response Against Trafficking) network implemented the UN Gift Box initiative, which is an anti-trafficking awareness campaign. Report by Anxhela Bruci, Albania Coordinator.

The UN Gift Box was brought to Albania by the URAT Network with the aim of exposing the deceptive promises used by human traffickers as well as the inhumane conditions of trafficking and its consequences for Albanians. After launching in countries such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, etc., this awareness campaign against human trafficking was brought to Kamëz.

During the activity, 20 youth volunteers raised awareness of the risks of trafficking by helping vulnerable communities to identify red flags, increasing of trafficking activities and strategies. A box was placed in the city centre of Kamëz, which included stories of human trafficking victims and provided information in Albanian language how to stay safe from human trafficking.

This initiative was implemented in the framework of the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, which takes place each year on the 30th of July. The activity took place in Kamëz, which is one of the most vulnerable areas of Albania. Joining us were the Vice Mayor of the Municipality of Kamez, representatives from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Tirana’s District Prefect, police officers, youth volunteers, and the broader community.

Arise is honoured to be partnering with local NGOs in Albania to financially support this awareness activity. We believe in the power of awareness-raising and collaboration as an effective approach towards preventing human trafficking.


If you are a victim of trafficking or have contact/ know a possible victim of trafficking in Albania, contact immediately at:

Line for reporting suspected cases of trafficking in Albania: 116006 / 042221892

Albanian Police: 129

All together we can STOP human trafficking!

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