Grants and Strategic Accompaniment

Arise supports frontline groups by combining strategic grant giving with direct partnership.

This increases the ability of frontline organisations to meet the needs of their local communities,

while giving them mentoring and programmatic training.


Arise knows that frontline organisations and their networks need more funding. However, we are also aware that funding is not a panacea, and can sometimes cause more problems than solutions.


We are therefore committed to providing medium-sized grants to frontline groups and their networks. We are a friendly funder, who is committed to work with applicants to establish how their projects can be supported. 

Strategic Accompaniment 

Developing network and organisational capacity is a long term project; it cannot be done sustainably without long-term strategic accompaniment. Arise provides this in several ways, but our activities are always led by the needs and perspectives of the frontline.

Strategic accompaniment involves listening, learning, evaluating and investing. Arise acts as a patient catalyst in this necessarily dynamic process. Our work is therefore focused on capacity building, amplifying frontline voices and providing strategic advice. 


COVID transition response to bridge lockdown and economic recovery for high-risk communities


Duration: July 2020 - March 2021

Countries: India, Albania 

Number of people helped: TBC

Learn more about this project:


Arise launches third phase of COVID response, bridging lockdown and economic recovery

Arise sometimes conducts its own direct programmes. Many of these are focused on capacity building, both at the organisational and network level. Read more about this work here.



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Arise is a registered nonprofit in the United Kingdom (1165248) and in the United States

(EIN 81-1111051)

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